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Presentation, organigram and mission

Presentation, organigram and mission


The School of Advanced Studies in the Humanities (SSSUB – Scuola Superiore di Studi Umanistici) today the International Humanistic Center "Umberto Eco" is one of the nine institutions of the University of Bologna combining high-quality scientific research with specialized and cutting-edge formative activities.
It was founded by Professor Umberto Eco in 2000.


Founder: Umberto Eco
President of Warrenty: Ivano Dionigi
Director: Patrizia Violi
Scientific coordinator: Claudio Paolucci
Management Responsible:


Steering committee

Romano Prodi
Isabella Seragnoli
Stefano Mauri
Soriana Suprani
Costantino Marmo
Daniela Gallingani
Bruna Zani


The School’s activities are structures through two major formats:
i) the first one offers an annual series of lectures on a theme at the center of current cultural debates, involving well-known scholars (mainly from Europe);
ii) the second one represents an interdisciplinary scientific observatory, which aims at articulating a “vocabulary” for the humanities through annual seminars and conferences.