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The Organization of Learning at the University of Bologna in the Sixteenth Century: Myths, Discoveries, and Open Research Questions

Lecture by David Alan Lines, University of Warwick, UK

16/02/2016 dalle 18:00 alle 19:00

Dove Sala rossa, Scuola Superiore di Studi umanistici, via Marsala 26

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This seminar will consider how Bologna structured its programme of learning in the sixteenth century, distributing it among the faculties of Law and of Arts and Medicine, but also between public and private teaching.

It will consider the cases of some better and lesser known figures (including Ulisse Aldrovandi), showing that there was considerable dynamism and change in the way in which Bologna taught subjects such as philosophy. It will also discuss the studio's evolving relationship with the papacy, which in many cases thought fit to intervene in appointments or in other university affairs, partly in order to reinforce its image as a sovereign power.

This seminar will give attention to the richness of the surviving archival sources about Bologna and will propose some useful paths for further research.

Prof. Lines is invited by Gian Paolo Brizzi and Maria teresa Guerrini from Department of History and Cultures.