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Frame Dynamics: a Transdisciplinary Theory

Ciclo di seminari “Scienze umane, Computer Science e Digital Media”

07/02/2019 dalle 17:00 alle 19:00

Dove Centro Internazionale di Studi Umanistici “Umberto Eco” – via Marsala 26, Sala Rossa

Contatto di riferimento

Recapito telefonico per contatti +39 051 2088032

Partecipanti Aldo Gangemi (Università di Bologna)

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Frame Dynamics: a Transdisciplinary Theory

  • Frame Semantics is getting momentum in mainstream computer science after a long history characterised by alternative fortunes in domains as different as linguistics, sociology, knowledge representation, cognitive science, etc. I will present a novel theory that can satisfy different domains (hence it is transdisciplinary), addressing not only the detection and representation of frames, but also their composition in discourse and knowledge evolution, characterised as a problem of dynamic compatibility over knowledge graphs. Apparently complex phenomena like metaphor and blending will be considered as special cases of frame dynamics. Critical aspects include frame coverage, frame layering, the referentiality of frame occurrence, as well as the possibility to evaluate the theory at the neurological level.